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My name is Carrie Fidance.

I live with my family on the beautiful island of Maui with my husband and our 3 kids
(Nadira 12, Milo 8, and Amala 4).

We recently made the move to Maui from the mountains of Colorado. 

While we loved our life in Colorado, we were ready for our next adventure!

Tao Of Craft is a blog about Waldorf Education, raising Baha'i kids, and Crafting of all kinds. As well as exploring all of the joys of raising 3 kids on Maui.

This blog of mine will be part scrapbook, part reflection, and
mainly an outlet for all of the crafty things that flood my brain everyday!

The title Tao Of Craft reflects my intention for this blog.
The Way, The Path, The Flow...
The Tao is a flow that is everywhere.

The way that inspires and directs us to where and who we are meant to be.

Thanks for stopping by!